Swan Takes Flight

A small group of swans paddle across a pond then take flight, flying low.


Cape Perpetua Cloudy

Looking up at Cape Perpetua along the central Oregon coast. This is one of the highest spots along the coast and one of my favorite places to be. That big ‘ol hunk of rock has a great view of the ocean. :)

New look, new vids

Hello Nature lovers! I’ve just finished updating the site with a spiffy new look. I liked the previous layout, but I was …

9 New Clips

Hello Nature lovers. I’ve added a big batch of new videos to the site this week, plus a little bit of early …


Coastal Town

A view along the Oregon coast looking down on the small town of Yachats.


Setting Sun

Bright orange Sun setting against thin clouds and a dark ocean.


Flowing Sand

Close-up shots of coarse sand flowing across a wet beach.


Grey on Gray

Grey water, grey clouds, grey fog – even a grey, overcast day is beautiful to me.

61,000 collaborations

I was just poking around in my web stats while I upload some new videos to the site. There have been 61,499 …

Three new clips

I’ve added three new creative commons clips. That makes 47 videos total on the site! I’ll hit 50 very soon and hope …

Thanks for a great year!

I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you to everyone who has been collaborating with me and Mother Nature. …


Sand Waves

Shallow waves lapping against a sandy beach at sunset.


Still having a bit of trouble with my download links – a fix is in the works. Actually I’ve decided to use …

Great Googly-moogly

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has tweeted, shared, and otherwise spread the word about Mother …


Thor’s Well

A spot along the Oregon coast that some folks call Thor’s Well.


Sand Painting

A love the way these these shallow streams paint patterns as they flow over the beach.

Spring Cleaning

Mother Nature Videos has been online for nearly 3 years now – time to spruce the place up a bit. It may …


Tide Pool Ripples

Sea anemones and muscles are the ‘big fish’ in this corner of a tiny tidepool.


I added a couple 0f new 1080p clips today, some foamy waves and a early morning timelapse. I was right about the …

4 new clips in 1080p

I added 4 new clips today, all in 1080p. There’s a gathering of geese, green waves, calm waves, and a clean mountain …


Uncertain Surf

This patch of ocean seems to be undecided as to what to do next.

Searching for Search

I’m pretty happy with the way the site looks now, but still working out a few kinks. The vanilla version of WordPress …

grazing geese

Grazing Geese

A massive flock of migrating Canadian Geese layover at the Finley Wildlife Reserve near Corvallis, Oregon.

Hello World

Testing…1,2,3 Hello and welcome to my newest labor of love – Mother Nature Videos. A way for me to share my love …


Color Shifting Sunset

The colors of this sunset shift so smoothly from the off-whites to oranges, blues, and pink.


Rocky Beach

Low tide on a misty morning near the Yachats state park on the central Oregon coast.


Shallow Surf

A close view of the surf washing and swirling through a shallow pool near the edge of the tide.


Beach Green Waves

This secluded beach looks more like a tropical cove than a spot on the central Oregon coast.


Snowy Branches

Tangled branches struggle under the weight of a wet, Spring snow.


Winter Creek

McDowell creek winds it’s way through a fresh blanket of snow.


Spider Webs

Several spider webs adorn this drying branch in the early morning light.